Generative AI

Startups like Runway, which co-created Stable Diffusion, are advancing generative video models. Gen-2, can create short but high-quality video clips. This technology is being combined into companies production by major studios like Paramount and Disney, for more real effect in the animationwhich is demonstrating AI's growth and its influence in the entertainment industry

AI in Elections

The use of AI-generated disinformation in elections is becoming a significant concern. In 2024, the recent emergence of multiple AI programs that can produce realistic images, videos and voices in a matter of seconds, both campaigns and state policymakers are adjusting. ​States are worried as Political parties and candidates can use AI algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data about voters.

Smart Rings

In the era of advancement smart watch was a game changer for those who are into fitness but this has taken a further step towards smart rings which might replace smartwatches for health tracking and controlling home appliances.

Neural Headphones

Innovations in neural technologies are making waves, with devices like the Naqi Neural Earbuds, these neutral headphones, is in highlight because it can read the waves of brain and can used to run machines . This could change the way of production in firms.