PM Modi won third consecutive election

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's victory in the 2024 elections represents a remarkable achievement in Indian politics. His party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), secured a majority in the parliament, allowing him to continue his role as Prime Minister. PM Modi to enable continuous economic reforms, substantial infrastructure development, and increase national security measures. This win set to further his influence in Indian politics and shape the country's direction in the upcoming years.

2024 US Presidential Race

First in-person showdown of the 2024 campaign between President Joe Biden and his opponent , former President Donald Trump. On November 5 , Americans will go to the polls to elect their next president. On June 27 debate will be held in the network’s Atlanta studios with no audience present

Biden's Security Deal with Ukraine

President Joe Biden and Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a 10-year security agreement that they raise as a milestone in relations between both the countries .As per agreement the U.S. and Ukraine will spend a decadein building and maintaining Ukraine's defense and deterrence capability and for strengthening Ukraine's capacity to sustain its fight over the long term against Russia.

Israel and Palestine

The Hamas attack of 7 October 2023 on southern Israel, and Israel’s military offensive on Gaza, have reveal the failure of international policy and international organizations for long Israel–Palestine conflict .The effects have been to slow down the peace process, as well as the rise of Israeli camps in Palestine territory raise the issues of accountability and governance in Palestine .

China and Taiwan Tensions

Tensions between China and Taiwan have incresed. China’s military activities near Taiwan have increased, has attracted the attention of world towards the . Lai has faced personal attacks from China, which views Taiwan as its own territory. Taiwan president Lai has faced personal attacks from China, which views Taiwan as its own territory.