Why Leather Garments Exports are rising in India?

Leather is one of the hugely traded commodities globally, especially in India. The demand for leather has been increasing day-by-day due to the fashion industry particularly footwear, leather garments, wallets, bags, etc. The leather industry holds a prominent place in the Indian economy due to significant export earnings and growth. In the world’s production of skins and hides, the Indian leather industry accounts for around 12.93%.

In India, the Leather garments exporters are being the second largest exporters and in saddler and harness, they clutch the third position in the world. From the raw-hide skin of different animals such as goat, sheep, cow, buffalo, leather is prepared in the nation. Leather Garments Exporter like Simran International uses buffalo and goatskin majorly for the export business. In total leather exports, 40% of buffalo and 30% of goat rawhide skins are used. India prides to have an abundance of raw materials with 20 percent of the world’s cattle and buffalo and 11 percent of the world’s goat and sheep population. The country accesses 9 percent of the world’s footwear production. The Leather industry is well-known for its consistent high export earnings and it ranks in the top ten foreign exchange earners roster.

Versace, DKNY, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Guess are some of the leading International leather goods manufacturing brand names who have invested in India and they source leather goods from here.

On an approximate, 700 million pairs of leather footwear are produced in India every year and holds 18% share of the total Indian leather export. Apart from footwear manufacturing, travel wares, handbags, belts, wallets and other leather goods offer high returns against investment.

How do the leather garments perform?

We could see a huge number of Leather Garments Exporters in Delhi. They are being reliable, experienced in this industry for many decades. They manufacture and export diverse varieties of high-quality leather garments such as Leather trousers, leather skirts, jackets, long coats for men, women and children. Their products have a good reputation in the international market. Besides, manufacturing units, the exporters have well-groomed stylish leather garment and leather accessories showrooms.

The manufacturing units are equipped with high-end machinery which is handled by experienced employees. Their dedicated and efficient logistics team, marketing & exporting consultants and warehousing personnel’s meticulous efforts boost the business to the top rank. The quality controllers help to make sure that every leather garment dispatched from the unit is completely defect-free. The logistics professionals utmost try to deliver the goods within the scheduled time without compromising on the quality. Eventually, they produce and supply international quality fashion leather garments. Besides all, the whole process is backed by skilled professionals from the fashion arena, which renders the capabilities to deliver exceptionally ahead of the clients’ expectations.

Major leather sources

The major production centers of leather and its products are located at Ranipet, Trichi, Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Chennai, Dindigul, Delhi, Kolkatta, Jalandhar, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kanpur. The leather industry is processing to shift its manufacturing base from developed to developing nations which provides an opening for an increased flow of Foreign Direct Investment into India.

As there is a huge demand for leather from India, the leather garment exports have been rising rapidly that not only fulfills the needs of the countries but also provides ample employment opportunities for all categories of people.

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