Animal Nutrition and Supplement Market in India

The animals’ growth and reproduction are essential to our ecosystem. We must grow pet animals, domestic animals at home as much as possible. It not only helps in bringing a fulfilled environment but also helps in managing our stress. Even doctors recommend growing pet animals, birds to overcome depression, and stress. From the small level to a big level like cattle farm, the animals are grown and maintained. But, when considering the animals’ health, some cases are underrated. It is our duty to feed the animals with nutritious Animal Feed Supplement.

Such supplements contain essential nutrients that promote the animals’ health. If you really concern about the animals’ health, then choose the best and certified Animal Supplements Store who supply quality animal feed supplements. The presence of Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Phosphorous and other essential nutrients promote the animals’ growth and reproduction exponentially.

Before purchasing the supplement, check whether it is safe and completely free from side effects. Most of the manufacturers intend to prepare the feed to stimulate the appetite, improve the diet and promote animal growth. The supplements increase the immunity level of the animals and shield them from various diseases. Meal, Rice Gluten, Maize Gluten, Rice DDGS, Corn DDGS are some of the best animals feed products manufactured in India.

We discussed the animals and their supplements yet. Now, we shall see the growth of Animal feed supplement market in India.

India is being one of the fastest growing animal feed markets globally. The growing livestock population in India increased the demand for dairy products and animal protein products. It resulted in the increased demand for animal feed. Currently, in the Indian animal feed Industry, the aqua, dairy and poultry reckon the major share. Modern animal feed manufacturers carefully select and blend ingredients to impart highly nutritional diets that increase the quality of its end products such as eggs, meat, & milk and maintain animal health.

In 2018, the Indian animal feed market was worth INR 817 Billion. The market is further aimed to reach INR 1,683 Billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 12.7% during 2019-2024. At present, the cattle account for 7.5 million tones, aqua industry consumes 1 million ton while the poultry industry consumes around 13 million ton of the feed. The Corn and Soy meal are being the prime consumables in India.

The USDA Publication reported about the industry sources that the Indian Commercial Feed Market is dominated by Soybean and Corn. Due to the growing demand in the feed sector, India is likely to become a net exporter of the Corn. Are you interested to become a Distributor of Animal Feeds after reading the growth of the supplement market? Your choice is a welcoming one. Firstly, choose the kind of feed you want to distribute. It can be dog, cat, cattle and horse feed. There are few larger feed producers available in India who manufacture all kind of feeds. When you focus to distribute various brands, then you can tie up with multiple feed producers. Store your feed in bulk in a silo. Always protect your products from varmints and rodents by keeping sealed. Some states require registered commercial feed distributors. Your state’s Department of Agriculture will assist you in this regard. Knowing the rules and abiding with them will make the distributing business easy and busy.

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